Your Hospitality IPTV Solution

Level up your guest experience and property system management with an intuitive smart solution comfortable for guests and easy for staff.

Amaze Your Guests

Make It Comfortable

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Increase Revenue


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Turn Your Hotel Management Into Smart Hospitality

​​Do you have TVs in your hotel rooms? Then let them increase your profits and improve guest experience.

Customizable Hotel Middleware

From personalized welcome messages and service suggestions to orders and add-ons, HotelSmarters makes it manageable by turning your hotel room TVs into smart assistants. Our hotel middleware solution is more than just an IPTV app. It speaks with guests in their language and makes them feel unique.

Powerful IPTV With Live TV And AVOD

Add and manage live TV and VOD content right from the admin panel and give your guests in-app OTT/VOD/IPTV service, which will be no less than Netflix or Disney+. Available on Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS, Android TV, and Android STB devices, your guests can discover content through an easy search module, add to favorites to watch later or buy paid content to watch. Beautiful and fast! Don’t you?

Simplify & Automate Your Revenue Management

All the payments for room, service, product, and content will be available for you to review with beautiful and informative charts so you can keep track of your revenue and prioritize services and products that will be sold more. Your guests can also keep track of their payments and their statuses right on the big screen.

Build Your E-commerce Ecosystem

Add your special services and products and define the pricing for them so your users can buy and order them right from TV. Without additional contact with the guest, get advanced reports about the purchases and other financial calculations, and send personalized offerings with notifications and banner displays.

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